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7 Best Place to Live in Mississippi

Whether you're serious about finding a place to live in Mississippi or just shopping to make your choice, without realizing it, there are certain criteria you've been looking for.

A low crime rate, low cost of living, and the quality of housing are all factors we consider when looking for a new home. Other factors are access to public schools, job opportunities, and proximity to health facilities.

Here we will try to find all this information in one article about cities in Mississippi, so to make your life easier, we have just made a list of the best places to live in Mississippi.

1. Madison

Madison is the principal city in Mississippi's Madison County and is home to 25,160 people. This is a fairly affluent area, and this is reflected in the above-average house prices.

At $237,000, buying the average home in Madison isn't an exclusive act. We can take it as a sign of resident satisfaction that 92% of people live in owned homes, indicating that very few people want to move in a hurry.

Not only is Madison the best place to live in Mississippi, it's also the best place to buy property and raise a family. Affordable and accessible, Madison should highlight everyone's key features.

2. Ridgeland

Lying south of Madison is the town of Ridgeland. Almost equaling Madison in terms of population, Ridgeland is home to 24,270 people, but houses are much more affordable.

At $176,100 on average, the Ridgeland house costs a lot more than Madison's, which is also quite pleasant. If you love all things Madison, bars, Ridgeland House Prices is definitely the place for you.

This is a thriving school district with 30 establishments for parents to choose from. These are some of the best schools in the state.

Locals say they have enjoyed watching the city develop over the years, and despite its rapid growth, the small town is still holding on.

3. Arnold Line

Just like Madison, Arnold Line is rated A+ as a home to live in. With only 2,600 people calling this small town the home of Lamar County, it is a quaint, comfortable, and charming town to live in.

There are better markets here for those looking to rent a home. Although the median rent is $100 a month higher than the national average, there are plenty of rental properties out there. In fact, 39% of the population lives in rented houses.

With a median home price of just $138,900, it's no surprise to learn that Arnold Lane is a popular area with millennials. We can look forward to seeing this restful city give Madison its money in the years to come.

4. Clinton

The town of Clinton can be found in Hinds County and is home to 25,475 happy residents. Locals are keen to point out that Clinton is ideal for families, and with 25 schools and a variety of entertainment options, we can see why.

The community of students who live here only for a part of the year is an important part of the community, and the local people are happy to have it. Clinton and Ridgeland are perfectly aligned and just whether you want to be north or west of the state capital of Jackson.

5. Oxford

Our first best place to stay in Mississippi, which is located in Lafayette Country, is Oxford. While the median home price is more on par with Madison's average of $230,400, it's the average monthly rent that sparks our interest here. The average monthly rent in Oxford is $807.

This is the lowest average rent on our list so far, so tenants can search for rental real estate here. This suburb is especially popular with millennials, in large part because rents are low, which means they can start saving to move up the property ladder.

Oxford is by no means as rich as other areas, but even though the median household income is only $32,400 per year, the crime statistics in the area are very low.

6. Brandon

Tucked under Route 20 is the town of Brandon in Rankin County, Mississippi. Lying east of the state capital, Jackson, Brandon is the ideal commuter suburb for anyone whose work brings them to the city. The 22,800 people who live here are more than satisfied with what Brandon has to offer them.

Crime in the area is low, and local people always mention how safe and secure they feel in the area. With 10 excellent schools in the area, this is a very family-oriented suburb.

Brandon has everything you could ask for and much more in a small commuter town; a grocery store, a movie theater, and a park too. Not to mention all the health provisions you'd expect with a larger population like this.

It is a more economically stable area, with a median household income of $71,900 per year.

7. Gulf Park Estates

If you just have to wake up to the sea breeze every morning, then Gulf Park Estates is definitely worth considering. This small town is home to just 6,100 people, creating a very homely community environment.

There are a large number of properties on the market here. There's a larger family home with a double garage and private driveway for $174,900, or there's a smaller 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom family home for $108,000; there seems to be a home to suit every budget at Gulf Park Estates.

It's a more affluent area than, say, Tupelo, where the average household brings home $70,000 per year, but surprisingly, this hasn't pushed home prices above the $133,800 average.

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So that's the article about the best place to live in Mississippi along with the price and explanation. That's the article that can share, and hopefully it will be useful.

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